Messages from the Heart to God in Chalk Board Prayers :: Photos

From my previous post you might have seen some of the photos from our Maundy Thursday prayer vigil. These photos here on this post are the images that were left off that post, because until the morning of Good Friday, they were incomplete. Along side our different I AM statement boards were some pieces of chalk where people could write anything that came to their heart as they went through their time of meditation. They ended up being giant pages in a book of prayers from a collective body of believers, and to me, one of the most powerful components of the last few days.

Scripture tells us that what comes from our mouth (or fingers in the way of a pen, keyboard, cell phone, text messages) originates in the heart and that’s why I love what these pages represent. Untarnished by consumerism or commercialism, unfiltered by a greater governing body, just raw messages from the heart, to the fingertips of believers, to the all-knowing God of creation. To see all the images from Holy Week so far you can visit my Holy Week 2011 gallery on Flickr.

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  1. Alan Barrington Avatar

    Dear Scott, I found this post in google , searching a tex chalk, really I love this pictures and I would like asked to you if I can used to mount in a picture was I work..this is:
    I waiting your response and thank you so much for your time..
    please check my work in
    best regards

    1. Scott Fillmer Avatar

      not a problem at all, if you can link back to my site when you use the photo that would be super, thanks for asking.

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