Dressed in a Tie for Christmas 1957 :: Throwback Thursday

My Throwback Thursday post today is from approximately Christmas of 1957. The images just prior to this one in the album had a Christmas tree in the background and all the others have a date of 1957. This particular shot has nothing on the picture itself.

Who wears a tie for Christmas as a 12 year old? That would be my dad, Larry Fillmer, who is coincidentally wearing similar but update attire in his executive photo there too (and is also now on Facebook, yeah!). Yes, always immaculately dressed no matter what the occasion, he must have been patiently waiting to go somewhere, I’m sure someone out there knows. Funny thing is, I swear we still have that chair in the family somewhere, and that table, which I remember well growing up, I think is still in the family too, pretty sure the lampshade is history though.

I love how sharp and detailed some of these photos are from the 1950’s that (I assume) my grandfather, Don Fillmer, took. He was the photographer of the family but the equipment he used back then was nothing compared to the equipment we use today, and many of his black and white shots were sharper than the best digital cameras today. I would loved to have known what equipment he would be using today and how he would have made the transition into digital everything.

One response to “Dressed in a Tie for Christmas 1957 :: Throwback Thursday”

  1. My dad was the same way! He was a school teacher and was notorious for wearing a suit jacket and neck tie to teach in everyday of his career. His theory was that if you lead as a professional then those around you will be professional too and give you the respect you deserve. He also wore a suit/tie everytime he flew on a plane. He said the flight attendants treat a professionally dressed person better.


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