Dogwood Blooms Covering Spring in Auburn

Dogwoods are finally blooming over at our house, must mean we have about 2 days left of Spring before the brutal summer heat shows up. Either way the Dogwood blooms this year have been incredible all over Auburn and the surrounding area. I took these particular shots this morning while there was still a little fog hanging around, which made for some nice soft colors.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Spring colors (at least if you are down in the south where it’s been warm). Even though every single year our Dogwood blooms right around this time the beauty always amazes me, kind of like watching a sunrise that only comes up once a year, at the end of March.

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  1. Annie Fitch Avatar

    Hi – I found your images and loved them. I would like permission to use the first one on my blog with a scripture quote during the spring. May I use it? Thanks for your consideration. Annie Fitch

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