Early Spring Flower Blooms of Jasmine, Jonquil, and Daffodils

The photo of the day today comes from about 50 feet away from where I type this blog post.  You can’t really tell from the shot but these little guys are about the size of my thumb, and while we don’t have a huge supply of Daffodils at our place we have a bunch of little Jonquils. Normally I wouldn’t take shots of flowers blooming in direct sunlight but it made for some great bokeh in the background.

It’s just the very beginning of Spring here in Auburn (we have had March snowstorms before, see Rare March Snowstorm in Auburn 2009 and also Samford Hall and Auburn University in the Snow), one of the most beautiful times of the year.  Every year I look forward to these little guys coming up in the garden because no matter what cold temps are currently outside I know warmer weather is coming.

I know sometimes in this part of the country we look over the landscape, see nothing but green Pine trees that grow like weeds and think there are no other colors to be seen besides brown and green.  To me, seeing other colors is often a time issue.  Taking time to slow down enough to see the nuances that occur all around us.  It’s easy to see in the heart of Springtime, but even winter has some color around here.

Coming up next will be the beautiful purples of Wisteria and the Dogwood Trees.

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