Deb on Fox Photo from March 1979 :: Throwback Thursday

My Throwback Thursday pic for today was a shot taken of Deborah and her parents in 1979. I love these old photos (cleaned up a bit color wise in the scan from the original though). They were all developed using some common film processor at the time and this was has on the back “Fox Photo Mar 1979”. I would like to add that at the date the photo was taken I was 8 years old and Deborah was 13. Sounds weird but we were in totally different worlds in 1979 for sure.

Although you can look back at hair and cloths and stuff from the 1970’s and laugh, but it was all the rage back then. At some point I am going to actually take all my old printed photos and send them to a scanning lab to get back DVD’s. I am still investigating the best company to scan photos to files, most the price is way to high, around $.39 a pic. Still working on moving from that paper era into the digital era.

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  1. Elke Speliopoulos Avatar

    Hmmm, and I was 18. Now I feel old. I had come back from my one year as a YFU exchange student in Shafter, CA. the year prior.

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