Volunteers Make the Church Go-Round

I’m sure if you have spent any time around the church body what-so-ever you have heard something about volunteering, or if not, you have seen someone who has volunteered their time in one form or another, and most of the time it starts from the moment you drive into the parking lot. What many people might not know, or might not think about, when they drive into the parking lot is that without all those volunteers the church would have a hard time functioning, especially on Sunday morning.

My position on staff at the church isn’t directly related to the volunteers per-sa, but I work with them each Sunday and during the week as well. I know that without their willingness to serve, in almost any role, our jobs would be almost impossible. When I came on as a staff member several years ago I mistakenly thought the volunteers were there to support the staff, but years later I now know that the staff is there to support the volunteers.

I am so thankful for all the volunteers at Cornerstone, they are amazing. They make Sunday mornings happen, and it’s what scripture calls us to do, serve each other, and in doing so fulfill Matthew 28:19-20.

Here are just a few that make this Sunday morning happen, for more, see Jack Fisher’s blog from today as well.

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