Waterfall on Society Hill Road in Lee County

A little local flavor for Friday. I drive by this waterfall all the time and have never in all my years of looking at it stopped to take a photo. There are a few small waterfalls in Lee County and this is one of them, privately owned of course, but still quite beautiful and visible from the road. I was trying to work on a little HDR with the Nikon D90 but this didn’t turn out how I was hoping it would so I offer up this single shot image.

I am still testing the HDR on the iPhone but so far the results have been fantastic. I just love the HDR look but haven’t really been able to find a result I like myself, so I will just continue to experiment. Now that HDR is available on the iOS 4.1 I am going to at least try to get a decent HDR image with my iPhone at the Clemson game in about 10 days, especially since technically speaking you aren’t allowed to take in your DSLR, even though I was able to take it in at the Arkansas State game.

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