Do Miracles Still Happen Today?

Yesterday, as part of the 8PE series called the Mystical Elephant, we had a discussion on the mystery of miracles. Those unique times in history when God visibly entered into someone’s life, and changed it forever by seemingly breaking God’s own laws of nature. Many scholars and skeptics alike view the impossibility of miracles or absence of miracles in our 21st century world proof of a fallible Christianity. Many scholars who do believe the miracles of scripture believe it was a unique time in history that has since finished, is completed, like the canonization, not something that takes place today.  Today, our miracles are trivial, they don’t need God, they happen ever day, on Twitter.

The list could go on and on, we all do it.  The miracles of Moses in Exodus, or the disciples and Jesus in the New Testament were earth shattering, but they also didn’t happen every day, all the time, as a common occurrence. The subject of miracles is so broad, so huge, that it was necessary to narrow it down for a meaningful discussion yesterday, and the focus stayed on one single miracle, the resurrection.

After many proofs and logical arguments that explain the proofs behind the resurrection (not how God raised Jesus from the dead, but that God did raised Jesus from the dead) Brian we into two examples from a friend of his and I wanted to share one of them with you.

Mexico in the Summer of 1997

Kathryn, my wife, and I were in a village going from door to door sharing the message of Christ and His LOVE. Kathryn had a divine encounter with a young man on the street. This young man told Kathryn that His sister needed to know about this “Jesus” and would she please go talk to his sister. Kathryn asked him to please take him to his sister and they would talk.

As they walked the young man and Kathryn continued their conversation. Once they arrived at the house Kathryn began to speak with the sister. Kathryn explained that the girl she, Kathryn, and the girl’s brother had been talking for awhile and the brother had said that it would be a good idea for Kathryn to speak to his sister. The girl began to cry uncontrollably.

Through her tears, the girl began to explain that her brother had been mute his entire life. Kathryn, overcome with the miracle before her eyes, continued to speak with the girl and explain that Christ loved her family so much, that he enabled her brother to speak so that he, the brother, could lead Kathryn to their home.

By the way, Kathryn didn’t speak spanish at the time and the girl didn’t speak english…

Do miracles still happen in our world today?  Did God just wind up His creation and sit back and let it play out, or is He an active participant in the lives of His creation?  Psalm 115:3 says it the best, “our God is in the heavens, and he does whatever He pleases.”  The photo? What does it remind you of? I took it, I was an eye witness, and it reminds me of beauty that only the miracle of God can create.

You can listen to the entire audio message or even download it to iTunes and listen to it on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or mp3 player, what a miracle.

One response to “Do Miracles Still Happen Today?”

  1. It’s a beautiful photo – and yes, got works miracles still. We just have to open our eyes to see them, then dare to believe.

    Beautiful photo – to me it was the tearing of the veil. Thank you Lord for your love!


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