Auburn Tigers Football A-Day Game Photos for 2010

So today was Auburn’s annual crazy day football game in the middle of Spring (A-day or Aday game) when everyone comes to see the new team and all that. The last few years it has been who can get more fans to a game in the middle of Spring while playing each other, Auburn or Alabama. I think this time Alabama gets the crazy award for having the most fans show up, and for ESPN to broadcast it they must get an additional crazy award themselves.

The highlight this year was not actually the football but the fact that we were able to get in to the new Basketball arena, the Auburn Arena as it is so called. This basketball season is one that many of us have been waiting for, for years, and this 2010-2011 season is set to open in a brand new $100 million (give or take) arena. Sorry the photos are so low-res, all I brought with me for some reason was my cell phone. The last photo of the construction area is still my favorite so far this year.

It was still really great to get to see the new arena in person. Can’t wait for the first basketball game.

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  1. […] at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn Alabama. Much like the previous two years (see A-Day 2009 and A-Day 2010), it was a beautiful sunny spring day in the south, mid-80′s no clouds with a nice breeze, oh […]




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