Maximum Impact Photoshoot in Atlanta :: Friday Feet

Downtown Atlanta from the Hotel

Downtown Atlanta from the Hotel

I missed my Friday Feet post last week but today I am in the glorious city of Atlanta to do the photo shoot for the Maximum Impact Simulcast.  It has been a fast few weeks and in another two weeks Deb and I will make a trek out to Dallas for an annual Czech heritage festival.  I spent most of the day doing a walk through for the shoot at the Georgia World Congress Center and then made it over to the CNN Center to catch up on some reading.  I feel like I was just here (see posts from the Georgia Aquarium photos here and video here) but for totally different reasons.

I thought about doing a nice serious group of photos down at Centennial Park but opted for the shots below from the top of my hotel in downtown Atlanta.  Some day I will get back over here and take my camera to the park and get some of the fountains and all the many different people that are always walking around down here.  Have a nice weekend everyone.

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