Pacific Coast Sunset in Orange County :: Friday Feet

Sunset on the Pacific Ocean




This is hardly where I spent most of the day on Friday, but then after Catalyst West Coast was over I was so exhausted I decided to drive over to the coast to watch the sunset.  I ended up down near the Balboa Peninsula on the PCH and walked out to the beach just in time.  I have been in Southern Cal for 4 days, it has been cold and cloudy the whole time (after it was 100* the day before I got here) and late on Friday the skies just opened up.  It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I had witnessed in a long time and I will make it my Friday Feet post for this week.

For those looking for Catalyst West Coast images… I will start to post some of those when I get back. I am on my way to the airport right now, thanks to everyone at Catalyst and Mariner’s Church that made this week such a inspirational time.

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4 responses to “Pacific Coast Sunset in Orange County :: Friday Feet”

  1. CJ Mills Avatar

    GREAT photos bro!

    CJ Millss last blog post..Becoming A Better Husband

  2. andi Avatar

    yep. still jealous you were in my old hood. loved it there! look forward to more photos!

    andis last blog post..What is a girl to do?

  3. Jamie Burnett Avatar

    LOVE the beach…. I’m jealous! bring some sand back for me!

    Jamie Burnetts last blog post..A Surprise Family Session!

  4. Michael Brown Avatar

    Such a wonderfully intense sunset, ….. west coast style!


    Michael Browns last blog post..“Free Wheeling” Photography.

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