Pacific Coast Sunset in Orange County :: Friday Feet

Sunset on the Pacific Ocean




This is hardly where I spent most of the day on Friday, but then after Catalyst West Coast was over I was so exhausted I decided to drive over to the coast to watch the sunset.  I ended up down near the Balboa Peninsula on the PCH and walked out to the beach just in time.  I have been in Southern Cal for 4 days, it has been cold and cloudy the whole time (after it was 100* the day before I got here) and late on Friday the skies just opened up.  It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I had witnessed in a long time and I will make it my Friday Feet post for this week.

For those looking for Catalyst West Coast images… I will start to post some of those when I get back. I am on my way to the airport right now, thanks to everyone at Catalyst and Mariner’s Church that made this week such a inspirational time.

4 responses to “Pacific Coast Sunset in Orange County :: Friday Feet”

  1. GREAT photos bro!

    CJ Millss last blog post..Becoming A Better Husband


  2. yep. still jealous you were in my old hood. loved it there! look forward to more photos!

    andis last blog post..What is a girl to do?


  3. LOVE the beach…. I’m jealous! bring some sand back for me!

    Jamie Burnetts last blog post..A Surprise Family Session!


  4. Such a wonderfully intense sunset, ….. west coast style!


    Michael Browns last blog post..“Free Wheeling” Photography.


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