Closeup Photos of Dogwood Blooms in Spring

dogwood buds

dogwood buds

dogwood buds

Pine Cone Buds

I didn’t really think about it like that until this year, but life seems so fragile sometimes, even if we live out the average life span for this country, we will only see, or recognize, this time comes around 50-80 times on average, if we are lucky.  I think the first 5-10 Spring season changes don’t really count since we can’t comprehend what we are looking at, but I have already experienced 37 Spring’s in my life, so as the flowers bloom and leaves start to fill the trees again, I am keenly aware I have about 35 down and 35 to go, so to speak.

I am amazed at God’s symphony that we call Spring.  Almost so slowly we don’t notice, the buds on the trees come out and things go from brown to green in a blink of an eye.  Last week in what I hope is winter’s last hurrah, I shot some photos of the Dogwood blooms on a tree in front of our house.  It survived the snow, the ice, the cold, to bring us the images below.  Of course down here in the south, no Spring is complete without the bloom of the yellow pollen from the pines.  I took the other shot a few days ago just before all the pods started to release gallons of yellow pollen that now covers every square inch of everything.

These photos are of the Dogwood in bloom just outside out living room window.  Just the smallest blooms, waiting for a warmer day to arrive.  The closeup of the pine tree below covers us in a bath of yellow pollen for several weeks, but it is still a beautiful sight when you know warmer weather is on its way.

5 responses to “Closeup Photos of Dogwood Blooms in Spring”

  1. Love the shots once again. Makes me want to get out and shot more. I don’t get the 17 springs comment – what do you mean by that?

    Michaels last blog post..Philippians 4 – thanks


  2. I too don’t get the 17 springs. Shots are great. Could you exlain??


  3. yeah, apparently I had a melt down on the brain when I wrote this, I had leap year in mind when I wrote it 🙂


  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Some wild flower pictures would of been great to. 17? ya you were leaping it alllright


  5. […] Coming up next will be the beautiful purples of Wisteria and the Dogwood Trees. […]


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