Ride on John Deere Clears the Head :: Friday Feet

Scott in the Hotel Room

Friday Feet on John Deere

Scott on the Tractor

It is starting to be that time of year again.  Today was the first day of the new year I actually had to get out the grass cutting paraphernalia and chop away the spring growth.  Since I just got back from the Unleash Conference late last night, our Friday Feet today was just some work at home and some dinner in town.  The conferences are always a huge amount of information and even though this one was only a one day event, it was very draining mentally and physically, so we didn’t plan a whole lot for today.

I have been trying to run back through the events of yesterday in my head.  All the various one liners I posted on twitter, (sorry for the twitter dump yesterday to all my followers, next time I will probably use Scribble Live) the volumes and volumes of information given out in just a few hours on how to lead and grow today’s church body, and the face to face contacts I made were great but almost overwhelming.  The photo below is me in the hotel room the night before contemplating about the day ahead.

To clear the head, I love to get out on the John Deere tractor today and take care of business on the farm.  For those who don’t have a tractor or any large plots of grass to mow, it is one of the more relaxing things I know to do that of outside just sitting on the beach (which we should be doing soon I hope).  It was an enjoyable day and I am looking forward to a nice evening with Deborah.

One response to “Ride on John Deere Clears the Head :: Friday Feet”

  1. Wish I could have been at the Unleash conference! I hear ya about have a lot of information packed into a short period. I go biking or skiing to clear my head.

    You’re an IT Director… I’m an Tech Director/IT stuff… found your blog on the Shameless Saturday comments section. Figured we had something in common. haha… have a good one!

    Grahams last blog post..My name is Graham and I’m an Early Adopter


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