Breakout Sessions and Lunch at NewSpring Unleash

We are now halfway through the day here at the Unleash Conference and I have moved into the next breakout session called Multi-site Campus and Technology. It has been a packed morning so far and I will update any photo only posts here with some commentary at a later date, but it has been a great experience so far.  What is pretty incredible is the volunteer staff here at NewSpring.  I am totally impressed with the force the volunteers have taken over here at NewSpring.  They have been nothing but helpful, nice, and servants of everyone visiting from outside the Anderson campus area.

The efficiency that they have shown so far has been just amazing.  Lunch was probably the largest display of Chick-fil-a I had seen since the Chick-fil-a Bowl during the SEC football season, and the volunteers served an amazing number of people at one time.  Thanks to everyone at NewSpring for your hospitality.

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