Auburn Beats LSU 69-53 Goes For Possible NCAA Bid? :: Photos

Auburn Basketball Starters

Auburn ended their home basketball season on an up note beating #11 ranked LSU 69-53.  This ended a season that started off looking like all the others over the last 10 years and now looks like a possible NCAA bid.  They will head to Tampa for the SEC Tournament and then hopefully on to the NCAA Tournament.  We really enjoyed seeing a full house today.  Last game of the season and finally the fans came out and supported the mens basketball team.  It was loud, packed, and exactly what an NCAA game should sound like.

It was pretty hard to get the normal shots at the game today, but I did get a few below including one of LSU coach Trent Johnson just before getting a technical foul before the half ended.  Looking forward to seeing Auburn finish well in the SEC Tournament in Tampa, War Eagle guys.

Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum

Auburn takes the court

Auburn Basketball

LSU coach Trent Johnson

Auburn Mascot Aubie

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  1. great pictures scott.

    lees last blog post..tenderness


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