Jonathan Krohn Addresses CPAC 2009 :: Video

Last week CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) 2009 took place in Washington DC.  News this week has been coming out of that conference from the Keynote speaker Rush Limbaugh all the way down to a speech given by Jonathan Krohn on the meaning of conservatism.  Haven’t heard of Jonathan Krohn before now?  He wrote a book called Define Conservatism that was published last year at a time in the country when people didn’t quite understand conservatism.  He set forth to try and explain that conservatism does not equal republican, it does not equal a mean and uncaring mindset, but does stand for a set of principles like life, love for this country, believes each individual can succeed if they choose to, takes personal responsibility for their own lives, thinks people are over taxed and wants less government involvement in their lives.

Did I mention that when he wrote this book he was 13 years old!  At 13 years old he did more than many will ever do in their life and published a book, and Krohn gave a two minute address on “Conservative Victories Across the Nation” on the second day of CPAC in Washington DC last week.  He gave the speech in the video below in front of a huge crowd, that was broadcast live on CSPAN, all at the age of 14.

Even if you don’t agree with his politics, he is an amazing kid that is bound to do something amazing with his life.  Even if you just watch the first part of the video below, you will see someone who is far more advanced in his ability to speak and conceptualize a concept and principle than many of us “well educated” adults.

2 responses to “Jonathan Krohn Addresses CPAC 2009 :: Video”

  1. And he is home schooled… (:


  2. And he is home schooled… (:


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