If I Were President, and Now I Am :: Video

Noticed I filed this post under “political” so if you don’t like political stuff, just move on to my next post (and coming up I will post a photo shoot I did yesterday).  Until then, I came across this site, If I Were President from 247 Town Hall, a while back during the election and forgot about it until now when I saw something similar on another blog.  This site was a “get out the vote” type video site, filled with tons of well made videos from high profile, almost all left wing liberal celebrities.  Always great that no matter what the message now, you know you can package something to look so good and tasty that it just has to be a good thing.

Everything now is hope, hope, hope, we have hope for change, we can change change to a new change and hope change can bring about a new kind of hope and change.  I love it.  Now that we actually do have change on Pennsylvania Avenue I think this video is a pretty good monologue of what kind of change we are in for.


Some of it is pretty funny, and I don’t totally disagree with all of it, there was one person who said they wanted to legalize marijuana (think that has basically already been done), Deb would go for the ban on Asparagus, and another to ban all hummers and buy everyone a bike.  I already have a bike and can’t afford a hummer.  I will say this has probably been one of the most difficult first few weeks in a new office but the job is for 4 years so there is a long way to go.  Tonight when Mr Obama speaks to Congress we should get a better glimpse into what is coming up.  More doom and gloom or pumping up an economy in the tanks right now.

Either way, I bet not a whole lot of people watch the address to congress as much as I am guessing that many reading this didn’t even know he was going to speak tonight, and wouldn’t until they see that he has interrupted American Idol.  Perhaps Mr O should play this video below to make people feel better?

One response to “If I Were President, and Now I Am :: Video”

  1. Well, there are only two things I would agree with in that video, and even then I wouldn’t expect the government to pass a law about them…

    MANDATORY community service…..Wow!!

    DK Fillmers last blog post..Have You Been Knitting In Public?


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