Sunday Walkthrough Video at Cornerstone Church

A Day at Cornerstone Church from Scott Fillmer on Vimeo.

This has been done a million times but not by me, and not on this Sunday, so today I took my video camera with me from start to finish through a normal Sunday at Cornerstone Church.  The video is a little long I know, I will try to keep the rest of them down to 2-3 minutes but this one covered about 8 hours of the day.  It has a cast of many, special thanks goes out to Jack Fisher for putting up with me posting what he didn’t want me to post (always seems to work out that way with Jack) and everyone else that appears on the video.

I would like to make special mention of two songs in the video I briefly used, one was Love Love by Brett Younker and the other was Offering by Daniel Boshta and I would recommend both of their current albums, both of which are available on their websites.  I have met both of these guys and they are very passionate about what they do, so go buy some of their CD’s if you like their music.  The song Brian is singing throughout the video is Glory to God by Fee which will be released by Steve Fee in a few months.

Cornerstone has two services, one at 9 and 11 and I am usually working both or at least at both.  I edited out as much as I could to still make it flow as the day went, but it gets quite busy and hecktic at times.  We just launched a new website so check it out if you have time, and if you can make it through to the end of the video you will have seen all 4 of the leadership team at Cornerstone, Rusty, Josh, Brian, and Jack.  Enjoy.

3 responses to “Sunday Walkthrough Video at Cornerstone Church”

  1. to bad CFA isn’t open on Sunday for ya… no sitting for 5 minutes! 🙂


  2. Wow man, I love seeing those beautiful white glowing apples everywhere!

    Joshs last blog post..Dancing Eyebrows


  3. […] I was inspired by Scott Fillmer to do a “Typical Day” video like he did for this past Sunday, only mine is for a typical Tuesday, and it’s just going to be pictures. I didn’t have […]


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