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Our Living Room

Friday Feet Dinner

Friday Feet Dinner

This was a different kind of Friday for Friday Feet this week.  If you are new to reading this blog, each Friday I do a post called our last trip down there was on our motorcycles in September 2006) for this particular Friday but as things go in life, it was not meant to be this week.  It ended up being very cold down here this week (and today), and the timing just didn’t work out for us to go.  So today, we just spent the day at home in the living room working on our computers together and we thought we would just go out for a nice dinner together on Friday night.

The day spent in the living room together worked out great, nice to take a day and stay home, but we perhaps never should have left the house.  We ended up going to three different restaurants before we found one that had less than a 40 minute wait and it was our last choice of any place to eat between Columbus Georgia and our house, which would be Phenix City Alabama (yes that is spelled correctly for those not from around here, that’s how we spell in Alabama), not really known for all it’s great eateries, sorry).

We make the trek over to Columbus GA probably once a month so Deb and go to a few fabric stores that are not in Auburn.  Each time we go, we try to remember not to go back because of the traffic and crowds.  With the military base so close by (which is a good thing) the city seems to be so overcrowded at the main shopping centers.  So in a huge shopping center which houses a Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Barnes & Noble, Circuit City (right now), Bed Bath and Beyond, Movie Theater and a lot more big box stores and tons of restaurants, to eat is a 40 minute wait (outside in the freezing cold).

We went over to Wal-Mart and picked up something for our favorite Superman in Birmingham (that is just in there to see if he reads my blog) and made our way over to Phenix City to eat.  For some reason this restaurant was loaded with Bama paraphernalia so the first shot was for my favorite Bama fan (anyone want to take a guess where that shot was taken).  On a side note, if you have a restaurant in the Auburn / Opelika area and would like someone to do a review for you, let me know, we love to eat, write, and review.

Never under estimate the greatness of spending the day at home with your wife and never leaving the house.  We did this for probably 10 years straight, so I have some experience in that area, but as a friend of mine put it, sometimes a day at home is a very good thing.

All that to say, welcome to our living room.  The feet shot was a vague attempt to sort of re-create a photo my grandfather took of himself (see Son of a Son of a Photographer?) that he took in 1938.  I am sort of always trying to recreate that image in my mind but with 71 years difference in the photos there isn’t much other than perhaps the position that remains the same.  The photo still fascinates me and it didn’t need a bunch of blabbering text like this to tell a story.

Winter is a strange thing down here.  It never really gets a strong hold like it does in the north so we fluctuate between humid storms in the 50-60* and like it is today and tonight, freezing in the 30’s.  Even so, the winter would be unbearable to warm loving people without our Lopi (see photo) wood burning stove that keeps it in the tropical range all winter.

In case you were wondering, after being in this house three years we have finally moved the lawn furniture out of the living room and that macbook on the oversized chair across the room is Deb and Ebby’s place (Blazer and I get the other side of the room away from the fireplace).  Some days I still feel like we are moving in with boxes everywhere (literally) because of the last remaining remnants of our book business that takes up the entire garage, but it is getting better each week.  When Deb starts her classes up again in March all will be gone and cleaned out.

Far more than I am sure any of you care to know but there you go, a mostly uneventful Friday Feet but in my usual long worded way.  If any of you do your own Friday Feet post on your blog please let me know so I can link over to you.  Have a good weekend everyone.

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