Time to Shoot the Worship Leader :: Photos



Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

How often do you get a chance to shoot your worship leader, not often enough right?  Yesterday I had a chance to do a quick photo shoot with my creative / worship leader here at Cornerstone to do some head shots for his blog and online profiles.  It has taken me about 10 years to realize how much I enjoy shooting people in addition to animals and aircraft, and before some PETA and FBI office starts calling, of course I am referring to photography (for those who think I am kidding, some day I will post my story about my run in with the FBI in Memphis for taking photos).

Photography is one of those funny creative areas where you think you never get anything right and it always looks bad until you get into the dark room and see that you did actually accomplish something.  I do have a few photo shoots coming up and Brian’s was just part of a longer shoot I had told him I would do when this new year rolled around.  So far it has just been to cold, but this week I did manage to get some new head shots in and wanted to post them here.

Next week I will be doing some head shots for Rob with Marth’s Trouble.  If you haven’t heard Martha’s Trouble live yet and you are going to be near by you should check them out, great stuff.  In the mean time… here is Brian Johnson (or bslash as he likes to be called).  Which one is your favorite (yes I know they are not numbered, just wing it)?

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