President's Day and Altocumulus Cloud Observations

Altocumulus Clouds Photo

Change is coming, all we have to do is look up and observe.  You may be asking yourself what does Andrew Jackson, the Blue Angels, and Altocumulus Clouds have in common.  Not much, but today, call it an observation.  Today being President’s Day, we are observing a day to celebrate the office of U.S. President if not the actual presidential person.  Since President’s day has been on the marketing horizon for a week or so the stations like National Geographic Channel and others have been doing biographies of each president.

I was only able to watch two, Lincoln and Jackson, but I still learned a bit from each and haven’t really had time to discern the historical quality of each show, but they were both informational non-the-less.

Andrew Jackson had a pretty incredible stay as President.  Outside of the Native Indians Trail of Tears when they were forcibly removed from the eastern part of the United States, he tried to do some great things as President, bold ideas that never took hold, but gave us a gimps of who he was and how he thought.  Jackson was the only President to ever pay off the national debt.  This should be a shock to us today when there is little hope of ever paying off the national debt when we move to pass an almost $900 billion spending stimulus package, but he was the only President to do so, ever.

What I liked about the story of Andrew Jackson was how the narration ended.  He spent a good part of his life in politics out of love for this country, but also for people’s freedom to be able to vote and live in a free country, and that the government should be run by it’s people.  It stated that Jackson would be dumbfounded and appalled that less than 50% of people vote today, and most are not even interesting in the politics of today.

An amazing statement since government control of it’s people has been passed down through history from the beginning of time.  We don’t all have to be political junkies, but everything the government does today has an effect on how we live our lives today.  We fought the British over a 4% tax on its people and today we don’t even notice when our taxes are raised by that small an amount. Observation.

The Blue Angels comes from a message given by Rusty yesterday about a man who came to know his Savior and later found himself face to face with the beauty of his Creator through the cockpit of a fighter jet.  After weeks of coming to a Bible study with his wife, the words of John chapter 3 in the story of Nicodemus came to life and he became a new creation.

He tells a story of this Marine fighter pilot who sees the sun rise from his cockpit and cried after recognizing that he now knows who created the sun itself.  It made me think about how many days we see the sun come up and don’t think twice about its beauty and how much more beautiful is our creator.  This pilot must have seen the sun rise from a cockpit of a plane 1,000 times before this, but this day it was different.  Observation.

Altocumulus Clouds are these clouds that roll in like waves or ripples in the sky, Alto (middle) Cumulus (heap or pile), and can be seen in advance of a storm system (like the one that is supposed to be here on Wednesday).  For those who don’t know, I am a little bit of a weather buff and have always liked to observe the weather that goes on around us every day.  Today a large band of Altocumulus clouds rolled in about 8am and were quickly starting to dissipate when I went out and took this shot.

How many times have you looked up at the clouds and recognized a specific type of clouds like we had here in Auburn this morning?  Are we all to busy to do that any more?  I have to admit, I recognized the system but for the life of me could not remember the name of the clouds, so a special thanks goes out to James Spann (Meteorologist for ABC 33/40 in Birmingham) for the quick answer to my question.

Altocumulus clouds signify change is coming.  All we have to do is look up and oberve.

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