Auburn Beats Miss State 91-76 Will We Get an NIT Bid?

Auburn vs Mississippi State Basketball

Yesterday Auburn beat Mississippi State 91-76 with Tay Waller having a career high 32 points to lead the Tigers to a good SEC conference win.  This team is hard to figure out.  They play hard, they fight, and they give their all, and they win games they probably shouldn’t and loose games they should win.  It was starting to look like this season was going to be another big disappointment, but not so fast.  This season is starting to have some potential beyond the SEC tournament in Tampa Florida.

For the past several years we have been looking to March, hoping we would get past the Thursday game in the SEC tournament, but this year, we may actually have a chance to get to the NIT.  Certainly don’t want to look past the rest of the season or the SEC tournament in Tampa, but an NIT bid would be really cool (and just in case anyone from the National Invitation Tournament is reading this, please, spend a few dollars and updated the design on your website, please, I can even point you in the right direction).

Some tough games coming up, but in the mean time, here are some pics from the Valentine’s Day version of the basketball game yesterday.

Auburn vs Mississippi State Basketball

Auburn vs Mississippi State Basketball

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