A New Website About to Launch at Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone Church Splash Page

It is not to much of a surprise (outside of the actual look) that Cornerstone is about to launch a new website.  I had the privilege of working with Brad Ruggles, a website/graphics designer and creative developer, on the launch of this new site.  Two of my three earthly passions are faith, technology, and photography, which means I was pretty much able to combine all three into one project.

This project was something that took a few months to put together, and was the collaborative effort of every staff member at Cornerstone, but it was something I have wanted to work on for many years now.  Not just a new website, but a new mindset into what potential the Internet has in the Church body.

Tools like Twitter, Facebook, rss feeds, podcasts, videos, and all the things that make up the Internet today can be utilized for kingdom purposes, and done in a professional way.  This isn’t a new subject for me personally (see The Church’s New Drug of Choice // Part 1, Does a Church Really Need a Website?, The Church Body and the Internet, Part 1, The Church Body and the Internet, Part 2, to name a few past posts), I have been on a quiet campaign for relavant church websites for the better part of 10-15 years.

This is (to me) what people expect out of their church today, and especially those Believers and visitors in the 19-29 age range.  It is a connected world, a connected society, and they don’t want or expect to walk into a church today and see 20th century technology.  We don’t need to or have to spruce up Jesus. The Salvation message has remained the same for 2,000 years, but each church in the Church body reaches different people according to its purpose, and a website is a great place to start.

I say start because a website, a well designed, relavant, media based website, is where you can start to bring people to the Church and where they can learn and connect with others that have a love for Christ.  It is no longer about displaying something static that shows the worship times and directions, it is about how do we connect with each other and grow in the Body.  I can’t wait for the new site to go live.  I think this is exactly what Cornerstone is to me and my wife when we arrived about a year ago and I was thrilled to have some part in putting it together.

I know there are a few other Church IT people that read my blog so I will be writing some additional posts on how it went together and how to even get started.  What to look out for when choosing a website design company, and what you should be able to expect from your developer.  I think we chose one of the best in Ruggles but throughout the course of the project I did meet several other companies, some good, and some very bad, and hope to share that with you in the upcoming months.  Hope you enjoy the new site, it should be live some time this weekend.

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