Auburn Basketball Team Beats Tennessee at the Buzzer 78-77

Auburn vs Tennessee 2009

I love walking around in the heart of Auburn sports on campus.  For the basketball game today we parked in the Jordan Hare Stadium parking lot, as many do, and I shot this photo as we walked by the stadium.  Directly across the parking lot is the new $92.5 million Auburn Basketball Arena being built while the older Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum which opened in 1969 sits to the left and directly across from the baseball field, Plainsman Park.  A lot of history and tradition in one small place, and a lot new history being made.

Auburn played a great game today and finally came out on top right at the last few seconds of the game.  It really could have gone either way at the end and the Vols did get off a last second shot at the buzzer and it just didn’t drop.  The season is getting very close to March where it will wind down and give way to the crack of Baseball, and this team has managed to win games they shouldn’t and loose games they should win.

Basketball this year has been as enjoyable as always but I am really looking forward to the opening of the new arena when we can pack the house for a basketball game and at least look like we have some support for our basketball team.  There was a lot going on in Auburn this Saturday and I am glad I was able to spend some time with Deb and my parents as well.

Auburn vs Tennessee 2009

Auburn vs Tennessee 2009

Auburn vs Tennessee 2009

A very busy week coming up starting tomorrow and some exciting new things coming towards the end of the week.

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