Auburn Tigers vs Alabama Basketball Wins 85-71 :: Photos

Alabama Head Coach Mark Gottfried

What a great game Auburn played today.  It was a total domination by Auburn and Alabama never really got going at all.  Where was this team when they played the Florida Gators last week?  They hit 3-pointers, free throws, played a great defense and actually stepped it up on offense.  Mark Gottfried (see photo below) seemed to have a tough go at it right from the tip off when the almost immediately went down double digits.  I tried several times to get a good shot of Mark Gottfried as he went into the tunnel but he never once took his eyes off the wood.

Some Alabama fans are going to come back and say they don’t really have a good team this year but it doesn’t matter to the Auburn fans, they are happy with any win, and any SEC win is better, and any time we beat Alabama is a good game.  It was nice to see a packed house.  This crowd would have sold out the new arena by a long shot.

I did manage to get a three frame sequence below of Korvotney Barber taking down court and slam dunking the ball in a great extension.

Auburn vs Alabama Basketball 2009

Auburn vs Alabama Basketball 2009

Auburn vs Alabama Basketball 2009

Alabama basketball

You can click on the images above to see the larger size.  To see a few more images from the game you can go to my flickr accountWar Eagle.

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