Dave Ramsey :: Life is Not a Snapshot, It’s a Movie

Dave Ramsey

Back in October 2008 I had the great privilege of being able to attend an event where Dave Ramsey was speaking.  I had a chance to shake his hand and take some photos of Dave speaking but most of all I was able to hear what he had to say and apply it to my life.  What was great about the session was it was his normal financial engagement, it was on business leadership, and it was great.  If you think Dave is animated on TV or radio, you should see him in person.  The photos below are just a sample of his session.

I was listening (or actually watching) an interview with Dave Ramsey a few days ago on Fox News where he was speaking about a couple in pretty dire shape at the moment.  His comment about their situation was, “just remember, life is not a snapshot, it is a movie”.  It is amazing to me how one person can have so many different pieces of great advice, but he is absolutely correct, our lives are not a snapshot, a single moment in time, they are fluid, and moving through time, not just a piece in time.

I went back and looked at one entry I did May 1 2008 called Time Lapse Video of My Work Day // What’s in a Day where I did a YouTube time lapse video of my 8 hour work day.  At the time it was a typical day.  Now, some 8 months later it is just a shell of what my normal day is like and as each day goes by, that snapshot in time is more and more outdated, especially in my current position.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

What this means is whatever your current situation is, it is only what it is right now, but don’t look at it as if can and won’t ever change.  If it is good or bad, it is still going to change as time goes by.  If things are so dire right now that you can’t imagine how your life will get any better, just hold on, time will move things along like it always does and your situation will change.

Great words from Dave Ramsey.  Not necessarily new or earth shattering, more like obvious, but sometimes it takes someone saying it out loud for it to sink in and become a permenant part of our thinking.  Surrounding yourself with motivated and intelligent people like Dave does doesn’t hurt either.

4 responses to “Dave Ramsey :: Life is Not a Snapshot, It’s a Movie”

  1. Funny how you have snapshots in the post instead of movies.

    b/s last blog post..No problem is too great to overcome // And I’m not Chicken Little


  2. thanks so much for the note today. your photography is amazing.

    anymore catalyst pics coming?


  3. Thanks for this. It was what I needed to read and also something to share with some close friends.


  4. i only ask god if it is possible that you could be less annoying…


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