Happy Merry Birthday Christmas Sarah

Sarah Fillmer Marchio

Scott, Sarah, and Dale Fillmer

Anyone else have a birthday on or near a holiday like my sister?  Everyone seems to think that because you have a birthday on or near Christmas that it is always just lumped in with everything else, but not so in our house growing up.  We always had a birthday party two days before the ultimate birthday party on the 25th.  I am sure some people get gypped out of a party but I can’t ever remember that being the case when I lived at home.  Of course now, she and I would rather not remember the fact that we are yet another year older so it has a little bit different meaning than when we were 12.

The simplicity of being 12 is long gone now but in my mind, a lot of the time, that is how I think about the two of us.  Unaffected by the scars of life and complexity that comes from being almost 40, waiting for it to snow so we don’t have to go to school, relaxing summers when it never seemed as hot as it does now, and of course waiting up all night for Christmas to finally arrive the next morning.

So, happy birthday Sarah, I love you. Yes, you are now one year closer to 40, just like me.

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