Last Round of 5 Year Old Expired Kodak BW400

Black and White Film Auburn Basketball

I got back the last of my expired rolls yesterday. This time it was on the Kodak BW400 (consumer version, not professional grade) film that was also about 5 years old.  The grain is pretty significant and the scans are not all that great as far as color correction goes, but then again, for 5 year old expired film, it’s not bad.

This first shot was out my front door during a tornatic rain storm we had just a few days ago.  Hard to believe it was 75* with thunder, rain, wind, etc and yesterday it was below freezing.  I like this particular shot, the grain of the age of the film is covered up by the image itself.  The Auburn Basketball game was from last week, not 50 years ago.  You can see Jeff Lebo on the sidelines among other current Auburn Basketball players.

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  1. Regina Avatar

    Love the storm shot. Expired film or not. I think the graininess adds to the character of the storm.

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