I Love the Smell of Kodak BW400cn in the Morning

I had such a great time shooting with some photographers in Birmingham on Wednesday (Amelia Strauss, Paul Bryant, and Stephen DeVries) and I am sure DeVries could have guessed, he inspired me to look beyond my digital obsession and go back and re-examine my photographic roots in film.  Of course I shot film for years and years before I picked up a digital SLR, mostly shooting Fuji Velvia 50, but since then (around 2001 when I purchased my first Nikon D100) I have taken less than a roll of film.

I dug around and found an older Nikon film camera, picked up some Kodak BW400cn film and BOOM, 35mm B&W possibilities abound.  For those who already shoot a lot of 35 or 120 B&W, I would love to hear what your favorite emulsion is out there.  Recommended to me was the Ilford XP2, Ilford HP5, Kodak Tri-x, and the Kodak BW400cn (shown above).  I just happen to find some of the BW400cn, which is probably expired, no way to know.

Actually, I have some family background in photography (see Son of a Son of a Photographer?).  My grandfather was a photographer of sorts back in the 70’s, and so was his son, my uncle (Les), so who better to ask.  I contacted my uncle to see if he knew of or had any of the 120 medium format stuff laying around, and was thrilled to find out he did.  Turns out he had a 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 Speed Graphic made by Graflex that my grandfather got for him when he was in sixth grade! It uses sheet film or 120 roll film (perfect) so any of you out there that love the older 120 Graflex, Rolleiflex, or Mamiya’s, looks like I could have some to post here in the coming months.

There were so many things I loved about shooting 35/120 film that I had totally forgotten what it was like to hold a roll of film in my hands.  I hate that in the box thinking I trap myself into at various times, digital (for me) is one of those boxes.  Thanks, Stephen.

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