Do I Get in Synch With God as Much as My iPhone?

Am I the only one that takes a picture of his iPhone while it is syncing and wonders how or why I don’t do this as often with God?  I took this photo this afternoon while waiting on my phone and of course started daydreaming.  I hate it when the things of this world intrude and seem to take precedence over our walk with God but they do, and little stupid things like this photo remind me I need to stay plugged into and in sync with God more often than with my stupid phone (yes I said stupid twice in one sentence).

What does staying in sync with God mean to you? Conversation, prayer, study, fellowship… when we sync our phones we are transferring data from a main source (usually a computer) to a device (this case an iPhone) and back again. Wouldn’t that be cool if we could plug ourselves into God and he could just transfer all the data down to us and we could send Him up all our changes we made while on the move? I think we can, and do, we just may do it in many different ways, some that other people don’t recognize, don’t agree with, or understand, but we can all still plug into God can’t we?

4 responses to “Do I Get in Synch With God as Much as My iPhone?”

  1. Sync’ing for me is really getting into my morning quiet time. Not just going through the motions but actually using that time and digging into Gods word. I am trying to have more “coversations” through out my day… becasue i want to have more open communication with Him

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  2. Two thoughts come to mind… 1) When thoughts run through my head like you mentioned – “…while it is syncing and wonders how or why I don’t do this as often with God?” – is that a God thing reminding you to spend more time. I get these all the time. A random thought will run through my head, and then I think – Oh yeah… I need to stop a moment, especially in this fast paced world I live in.

    And 2) what does staying in sync with God mean to you? It means alot of things to me – prayers, studies, conversations with others, church, singing, writing songs, journaling, time alone in thought, time amongst friends and family, reading, etc. Experiencing all of these events allow me to stay in sync. Some happen hourly, others daily, and others weekly/monthly, but they still happen.

    So for me staying plugged in, similar to our own personal identities, is a personal one. What connects me is different than, and is different from the next guy. I found what worked for me. The problem I have now is staying connected on a regular basis.


  3. just a quick observation… I am not sure I like the only small letters on the comments… you can’t capalize God. Anyway, just a thought.


  4. Ummm…ouch.

    Great post.


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