Our Yearly Celebration Dinner and Tommy Tuberville to Lubbock?

Celebration Dinner at CUMC

Celebration Dinner is going to be intense tonight.  It is the one big celebration that we have each year, once a year, at cumc to look back at what the church body did through the year and to look ahead at what is coming up in 2009.  I have been really looking forward to this evening for some time.  So much planning and detail has gone into making this a wonderful evening that I know those who decide to come out on Sunday night will be glad they did.  If you can’t make it, we will be streaming the celebration live on mogulus here.  I took this photo of BJ, our drummer for tonight, during the Wednesday night practice (see Year in Review and a Look Ahead at Celebration Dinner), and that was just practice.

NCAA College Football, Are you a Fan?  Auburn vs Texas Tech

This has been one of the weirdest football years for Auburn, almost uncharted territory since Tommy Tuberville took the rains here 10 years ago.  It sort of mirrors Tommy’s first year here at Auburn and I hope this doesn’t turn out to be book ends to his career here in Auburn.  It has been a real tough season for Auburn in 2008, I would hate to see what happens if we lose the homecoming game to Tennessee Martin next week.

Tommy Tuberville at Tiger Walk

I took this shot above of Tommy during Tiger Walk for the Tennessee game (see Auburn vs Tennessee Photos, Tigers Football Wins 14-12 // Game 5, hope Tennessee Martin turns out to be a win too, I would like to see him walk Tiger Walk again?

What is interesting about NCAA football this year is although one of my teams, Auburn, is going down faster than the Titanic, my other team has turned the corner to what might become their all time greatest football season ever.  Last night Texas Tech beat Texas in one of the best football games I have seen this year.  Making a catch at the end with 8 seconds to go to win the game was unreal, and watching the highlights I still expected him to fall out of bounds or something.

For those who might not know, I spent the first two years of my college career over at Texas Tech and have very found memories of going to school in Lubbock.  Certainly isn’t the same view as living here in Auburn but it was a great place to go to school (and yes, I went to UAB, not Auburn).

My Weekend Giveaway

On another note.  My last post has become very interesting.  I seem to have found the fastest and best way to create spam.  Give something away on your blog. We actually do this quite often on our other blogs.  We (Deb mainly) has two blogs where she frequently gives away all kinds of door prizes for her readers and fellow knitters, but for those two (here and here) spam doesn’t seem to be an issue.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, please read I am Giving Away a Free Dell Dimension Computer and 17″ Flat Panel in 29 Days, and you will see what I am talking about.  Even though I seem to be bombarded with spam now, I am going to keep it going for the reason I posted it in the first place and would prefer to find a non-profit or some organization that could use a computer.  If you know anyone like that, just have the enter on the post above.  All spam like entries will be discarded, and certainly won’t be considered.

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