The Stage is Set at Eighth and Rail in Opelika

Martha's Trouble at Eighth and Rail

This weekend was probably one of the busiest weekends I have had in a while.  On Friday I got the chance to shoot Martha’s Trouble at Eighth & Rail in Opelika Alabama and took this shot of the stage as the band was setting up.  I loved the old rustic feel this stage had, kind of reminded me of an old western movie.  The photo is something a little different from what I normally shoot, but I think it has some character.

Coming up over the next few days I will post a few from Martha’s Trouble on Friday, Jacob Blount’s performance on Saturday, and a few extras from the weekend.  Until then, here is the stage at Eighth and Rail waiting for Marth’s Trouble to start off the week.

One response to “The Stage is Set at Eighth and Rail in Opelika”

  1. Scott,

    Its refreshing to see and find other bloggers from Alabama on the web, specifically talented ones LOL. Keep up the great work friend.


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