Catalyst Conference Photos with Furtick, Godin, Groeschel, and Collins

Catalyst Conference in Atlanta

I am still trying to process the amount of information that was presented at Catalyst on Thursday and Friday.  Saying I was blessed by being there is just making a statement that doesn’t do the Lord justice, and only scratches the surface of what I was able to take away from Catalyst.

Not only was I blessed by the absolutely incredible worship music and some of the best speakers in the country, I managed to meet several other outstanding photographers who were hired to shoot the event.  I have never been around a group of artists that were more accepting (basically of an outsider to the event) and wiling to share their limited space with me, and in such a professional manner (thanks to all of them I met over the two days).

Steven Furtick at Catalyst Conference in Atlanta

Seth Godin at Catalyst Conference in Atlanta

Craig Groeschel at Catalyst Conference in Atlanta

Jim Collins at Catalyst Conference in Atlanta

Long before this week, I really felt God had opened a door for me with Catalyst (although I didn’t know what) through a series of events over the last 6-8 months.  Of course it wasn’t through door A (knowing the right people and actually being hired to do a shoot), it was door B, just show up and use the gifts God gave me to create as best I could.  Several times I almost didn’t go, even as late as Monday before Catalyst.

So I went to Catalyst with the intent to cover the event photographically as if I was hired to do so, even though I never could get a hold of the “right” people.  Regardless of where it goes from here, I was deeply blessed by the event in total, and thrilled with the contacts I was able to make while I was there.  It was a God sized thing.

Above are just a few I photos I grabbed from Thursday.  I haven’t had a chance to even go through a small part of the images in total.  Some will be posted here on my blog over the next few weeks.  The four speakers photos shown above are: Steven Furtick, Seth Godin, and Craig Groeschel, Jim Collins, shown in that order.  I wish I could have instantly memorized their sessions as they spoke, they were are incredible.

15 thoughts on “Catalyst Conference Photos with Furtick, Godin, Groeschel, and Collins

  1. Scott – Your photography is making me sick to my stomach man. Amazing shots…I am so extremely jealous of your equipment. (insert a “that’s what she said joke here”)

    Keep up the excellent work!!


  2. Fantastic pics Scott! Made me feel like I was there. Even more fascinating IMO is the picture being painted by how each one uses their hands. Pictures like these really are worth more than a thousand words.

    You were just prayed for!


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