Dear Eliot Video, 99 Balloons, and Brave Parents

Bryan Fillmer in Colorado

This is my post for Creative Chaos // 28 (see also guidelines) over at Ragamuffin Soul for this week (which isn’t published quite yet over there but will be soon). If you haven€™t participated in Creative Chaos yet there is always time to jump in.  It is a great tool to learn some of the new and innovative ways other churches and groups are being creative in their faith.  Even if you don€™t post, just reading through a few of them is a real eye opener of what is done around the country and world in worship.

I am a little late for this video, it has been going around the Internet as of late, but I thought there might be a few of my readers that hadn’t actually seen it yet.  I watched it again for about the fourth time as it was shown to the students at Auburn for Encounter last night.  It hit me again when talking to a friend of mine at Encounter before the music started when he asked me if I had a son?  How old is he, where does he live, what does he do.  Thanks for asking Matt, I do, his name is Bryan, and his son’s name is William and he just turned three years old a few days ago (HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM).

99 Balloons // Dear Eliot Video

The first time I watched 99 balloons was with my good friend b/ in the middle of a busy day when Jack posted about it on his blog.  I couldn’t really comprehend it’s worth at the time (although it did bring b/ to tears).  It has been that kind of week this week and this video really goes right along with the testimony of our friend Cindy Wall but told by a 3 month old baby born with a condition called Trisomy 18 called Eliot Hartman Mooney.  The name of the video is called 99 Balloons and is narrated by a father who marks off each day as it begins on video with “Dear Eliot”.

Bryan, William, and Sara Fillmer

I am using it for my creative chaos post because the parents of Eliot chose to show the world how much they love their son, in the most creative way, with a really cool video and some photos.  It reminded me of my son Bryan with his son William (shown above) who just turned three a few days ago.å  William is the coolest three year old in the world and I know if you ask his daddy he would tell you the same thing.

There is much joy in this video, especially shown through the parents, because the Lord was part of the parents life in a very meaningful way… but today, it is my creative chaos post.

5 responses to “Dear Eliot Video, 99 Balloons, and Brave Parents”

  1. […] it was just the atmosphere of the week.  Grace showed a moving video about a boy named Eliot (see Creative Chaos 28 // Dear Eliot Video, 99 Balloons, and Brave Parents), and half the people in the room were moved to tears.  After some scripture, Matt Dean (seen […]


  2. What a worthy reminder.

    dorothys last blog post..Coldplay…


  3. Thanks for this post.
    Recently I stuck a Post-It on my computer that simply says “Life is short”. Experiences like these remind us how we really must cherish the moments we have, the people we meet, and the experiences we share as if they were all we had coming.
    Sometimes I forget, but not today.


  4. I just got done watching this video on “oprah”, and it ade me so sad. It is so touching. I lost my first baby on june 15,2009 and so I know what it’s like to loose a baby, and now I am pregnant again with my 2nd baby who is a girl who is due october 22nd, 2009. This video touched my heart and truly touched my soul. I will always remember that life is short and do not take it for granted.


    1. how did you lose your baby in june 2009 and now your pregnant with a baby due october 2009????liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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