ESPN College GameDay Photos Live from Auburn University

ESPN Gameday taping of Sports Center in Auburn

ESPN today began broadcasting for ESPN Sports Center from the Auburn campus and did all the prep work for the live ESPN College Gameday broadcast from 9-11am CT on tomorrow (Saturday).  Setup is pretty much the same as it was two years ago, along with a barricade around the entire Allison Physics Lab lawn.  The barricade is large enough to fit 4 full 18-wheeler satellite trucks and trailers, a huge Home Depot Gameday Bus, the set, a mini football field, all the employees cars, and an uncounted number of tents of all kinds.

Photos of Gameday Setup and Sports Center Broadcast

Here are a few images of the day.  I will be posting all Gameday images in the ESPN Gameday Gallery if you want to see additional images from the two days.  The photo of the people watching The Home Depot bus is a little weird, I am not sure I could look at my face printed that large on an object, but there they are.

ESPN Gameday taping of Sports Center in Auburn

ESPN Gameday taping of Sports Center in Auburn

ESPN Gameday taping of Sports Center in Auburn

ESPN Gameday taping of Sports Center in Auburn

ESPN Gameday taping of Sports Center in Auburn

Auburn Students Told Sportsmanship is Important

Earlier in the week Dr. Green, the Dean of Students, sent an email to all Auburn students reminding them to show good sportsmanship.  Since this has been made public by all the papers and ESPN themselves I thought I would make note of it myself of course.  This was really much to do about nothing, and Dr. Green is certainly correct in his statement, but… is it not really quite ridiculous that it was even necessary to send an email like this in the first place (see below).  But, those are the times we live in I guess.  A few years ago you would never have heard anyone booing their own team in Auburn, but such was the case recently (and as of right now we are undefeated).  Nothing seems to be private any more and this email surfaced on the Internet within hours of its release (several days ago at this point).

Dear Auburn Student,

I wanted to remind each of you about the importance of your support for our team and displaying character this weekend when L.S.U. fans and other guests arrive this weekend. First, please join me by agreeing to demonstrate your support for, and not criticism of, our football team. That means no booing! Remember, the team isn’t trying to lose the game the players work hard all spring and during fall camp to be ready to compete in the S.E.C. Let’s show our appreciation for their hard work by encouraging them with loads enthusiasm! Secondly, help me show the world what I get to experience everyday: that Auburn men and women are special, dedicated, loyal, fun loving, bleed orange and blue, are compassionate, and demonstrate good will to others, even our competitors.

ESPN Game Day will be in town this weekend and we need everyone to come out and show them how much we support our team. Let’s show Chris Fowler, Kirk Hebstreit, Lee Corso and Desmond Howard true fan support and loyalty for Auburn!

The nation will be watching the next two weeks (ESPN, CBS next week), and lets remember to have a great time, enjoy the weekend’s activities, watch our language and behavior, and display class, taste, and character in everything we do. I have every confidence you will.

War Eagle!!

Dr. Johnny Green, ’85
Office of the Dean of Students
Suite 3248
Auburn University Student Center
Auburn Univ., AL 36849

With that email in mind, the turn out today for the ESPN taping of Sport Center was great.  For a 5-7 minute take, students stood outside in the blazing sun for at least 3-4 hours to wait for that 5 minute spot with a ton of signs, and hats off to the maker of the “Priceless” sign, that one was probably the most creative out there this afternoon.  There should be plenty of students out there this time, even if they do have the students a football field away from the gameday set.

One response to “ESPN College GameDay Photos Live from Auburn University”

  1. I knew about the email, but hadn’t actually read it until now. Except for the typo, it is pretty benign letter that probably received little student attention. However, I think it is ridiculous that we living in a time where the Dean of Students feels the need to devote time and energy to a task that our parents should have taught us in the first place, manners.

    Additionally, any Dean of Students worth his salt should know that you don’t get students to stop doing something by telling them not to do it.

    And, last, but certainly not least is the issue of “no criticism”. How on earth does Dr. Green expect the fans to exercise their right to free speech if they are only expected to send out good vibes? Why should we even keep score?

    I understand what Dr. Green was trying to accomplish with this letter, but, without sounding like the “booing” section, there had to be a better way to convey the message…

    Nautical Knitters last blog post..Posting Hiatus


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