ESPN College GameDay Broadcast Live from Auburn

ESPN College Gameday Studio in Auburn

I was on campus tonight for Encounter (see Encounter Performs Live in the Auburn Student Activities Center for their previous performance) and I had to stop by the set for ESPN College Gameday.  If you are a football fan and you can’t get excited about this game, something is wrong.  ESPN is all setup and ready to go, the satellite trucks are all over campus, and the students in the sororities and fraternities are doing there part as well (see photos below).

If you look close at the ESPN set, you will see I am looking at the back side of it, with a steady stream of barricades all the way around it.  Getting a shot of the FRONT of the set might not be as easy as I thought it was going to be.  Hopefully there will be some access to the front, although there is a nice ravine in front of the set, which will make for some nice shots from underneath the booth.  We will see tomorrow I guess.

Auburn Students Put up Signs for Gameday

Auburn Students Put up Signs for Gameday

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