The Matthew Butler Memorial Fund and Zion Gate Records

Newsong and Matthew Butler

This is an update to a previous post about the tragic murder of Matthew Butler and Stephen Swan in Garland Texas back in June of this year.  If you are unfamiliar with the story please see my previous post Matthew Butler Killed at Zion Gate in Garland Texas about Matthew’s life and his wonderful testimony.  Back in June I came across this story while watching the news and was touched by what happened because, according to the news story and Matthew’s wife Jamie, Matthew was a strong Christian Believer, a musician, and a business owner of Zion Gates Records.  Those thing struck a nerve with me as I am all but a musician, but a big lover of music in general.

The post on my blog grew legs and soon many of Matthew’s friends and family, including Jamie and his mom Theresa had commented on the post.  This morning I received an email from Matthew’s mom, Theresa that I wanted to share with you about his memorial fund for his children.  Normally (I would guess) once a story hits national news you can a huge nation wide outpouring of support for the family, especially when the widow has small children as the Butler’s do, but the news story was so short lived that it never really had a chance to build any steam on a large national scale, so the Butler family held a charity golf tournament, are having a large rummage sale, and have setup a memorial fund at the bank in Texas.

All I wanted to do by this blog post is bring a little attention to their situation and possibly reach someone who might be able and willing to help their family in some way.  Below is the email from Theresa about the Matthew Butler Memorial Fund, I know his wife and kids appreciate any and all help they have and will receive.

The Matthew Butler Memorial Fund

The community support for Jamie and the kids has been amazing.  Matthew is gone from this earth but safe in his heavenly father’s loving arms.  Now, we must help raise up these babies, take care of Jamie and help her to continue the dream that Matthew had when he opened the doors to Zion Gate Records almost three years ago.  Many of you have said, “We will not let this dream that Matthew had turn into a nightmare.  We will not give the enemy that satisfaction!”

The golf tournament raised over $20k for the children.  Friends, family and even total strangers have also donated their money and time to help Jamie get the studio up and running.  A very sweet young lady from Matthew’s high school, Tammie, got together with some of her friends to have a garage sale to benefit Jamie and the kids.  Over the past few weeks, as people heard about it and wanted to donate their items, it’s grown into this huge RUMMAGE SALE which will be held at the Albertson’s parking lot on Lavon Highway in Garland (near 190).  If you would like to help, please bring your items to the sale on Saturday morning, September 20th before 7:00am.

Here is the link with map:

There is also a memorial fund at Washington Mutual Bank – Matthew Butler Memorial Fund.  Donations may be made at any location.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers, love and support.  In His Grip, Theresa Butler

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  1. hello my name is Robert Sput Searight and Matt was a really dear friend … I am still very deeply saddened by him being gone. I was suppose to meet them at the studio that night and I lost my phone and went looking for it which caused me not to make the trip there…. I think about him all the time and wonder how Jaimie and the precious little girl are now. I also wonder how his mom is doing…. Please send my love and fill free to reach out to me… God Bless


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