Rhythm Guitar Adds New Flavor to Cornerstone Band

Todd Plays Electric Guitar with Cornerstone

Todd Plays Electric Guitar with Cornerstone

One thing I like about smaller local bands is they bring in new musicians to play all the time, and they always seem to add their own flavor to the band.  If you follow some of the large bands of our time like Third Day or Coldplay, a new guitarist would be big news and would probably disrupt the unity, flow, and chemistry of a band for at least a period of time.  Smaller bands don’t always have the luxury (if you want to put it that way) of being able to have the same musicians play every single time.  As frustrating as that can be for a worship leader or other members of the band, sometimes I find it very refreshing because the guest or new musician always brings his own perspective to the group.

Last night Rob (pictured below), who plays with Martha’s Trouble, joined the Cornerstone band practice to play on Sunday.  I was able to shoot the whole band for about an hour yesterday and these two are two of my favorites shots from last night.  Although I didn’t get a chance to talk with Rob last night (sorry Rob) I have really come to enjoy shooting live bands.  Musicians are one group that (in general terms) love to be photographed doing what they love to do, and that makes for much more appealing images than those who can’t stand to have their photo taken.

If you would like to see the rest of the shoot from last night you can view it in the gallery under people, called music.  A few weeks ago I was able to do a shoot with Encounter with Grace Campus Ministries (see Opening Day for Encounter at Auburn University) which I really enjoyed. Tonight, I will be back on the Auburn University campus to shoot Encounter again, should be a great night, look for some images from that shoot in the upcoming days.

2 responses to “Rhythm Guitar Adds New Flavor to Cornerstone Band”

  1. Looks like Rob from “Martha’s Trouble.”


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