Try to Photograph From a Different Perspective

VIP Night at Cornerstone

Last night I took some photos at Cornerstone’s quarterly meeting at called VIP night. It started off with the Cornerstone Band, which I have shot many times before (see music). I wasn’t really expecting them to play last night, but I wanted to get something different.

Once you have photographed one subject or area over and over, you really have to look around for a new and fresh way to show the subject matter. This is a good thing, it forces you to find other angles, other views, different backgrounds, and some cool lighting.

After taking the normal shots I was looking for, I started to look around for a new perspective. The image above was new, for me, because I realized after taking a few images, that I had never really been able to include any of the people in the seats, only the band.

Here I was able to get out in front of the chairs, use a wide angle lens, sit on the floor, capture the people standing and worshiping with the band, and then I was able to get something I hadn’t before.  I have been following a lot of the photography coming out of the Olympics, and that is a good example. You have 300-400 photographers all sitting in the same seat, with the same lens, pretty much getting the same image.

The really great images coming out of Beijing came from photographers really looking hard to find something new. It isn’t easy. It takes creativity, something I have to really force myself to use in photography, some experimentation, and some luck.  Tonight, something new that I am really looking forward to, photographing Encounter in Auburn (see As Encounter Approaches). It was kind of a last minute thing, but I can’t wait to see the results.

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  1. Biscuet Avatar

    I’m looking forward to having you come out to Encounter tonight. It’s going to be a great time. Thanks for the link.

  2. rachel Avatar

    I totally agree with you about having to find new perspectives when you shoot in the same venue all the time. I dealt with this with a recent wedding I shot at my church – My fourth one there! It’s tough but worth it to push yourself out of the box for these shots.

    Just subscribed to your blog. My husband is a worship pastor and I am also a singer so it seems we have some interested in common 🙂

    rachels last blog post..mike & jess

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