Grace Without Change is Just an Escape from Responsibility

This past Sunday was the last part of the “money” series at our church. I was so surprised with this series. It was informative, scriptural, and not the same typical money sermon series I was expecting and use to. The opening music from Worship Journey was something unique and different each week, like Pink Floyd’s “Money”, and the Beetles “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

Part of the message this Sunday was about God’s grace. The grace He has given us to make mistakes, learn from them, and move on. A quote that really caught my attention was:

Grace without change is just an escape from responsibility

I think that is a great way to put it. It doesn’t mean we can just keep living these same mistakes continuously without true repentance and change, sometimes we do need to make lifestyle or lifelong changes first. There are some of us who have made these changes long ago, but still struggle with the reasons. This is a great reminder of the freedom in God’s love, and the grace He has given to us all.

This series was a very refreshing look at one of the most talked about subjects in the Bible, money. I would encourage anyone who is interested to listen to the podcasts and see for themselves. Thanks Cornerstone.

2 responses to “Grace Without Change is Just an Escape from Responsibility”

  1. Hey Scott, I’m glad that this series was good for you. That’s encouraging to hear. Hopefully we’ll continue to be obedient in going where we are supposed to go with each of these series.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Scott.

    Pace Hartfields last blog post..Check it…


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