Children’s Sunday School Answers // Quips

This is a continuation of my Sunday posts called Quotes and Quips. This week, Children’s Answers to Sunday School Questions. Most of these were saved by my mother-in-law in a notebook full of cute sayings. Some of us remember the days of Sunday School growing up, and sooner or later we had to actually learn something. Here is a list of “answers” that kids gave in Sunday School (you will have to figure out the questions (date is from around 1990).

Top 15 Answers Kids Gave in Sunday School

  1. Noah’s wife was called Joan of Ark
  2. The fifth commandment is “Humor thy father and mother.”
  3. Lot’s wife was a pillar of salt by day, and a ball of fire at night.
  4. When Mary heard she was to be the mother of Jesus, she went off and sang Magna Carta
  5. Salome was a woman who danced naked in front of Harrods.
  6. Holy acrimony is another name for marriage.
  7. The Pope lives in a vacuum.
  8. Paraffin is next in order after seraphim.
  9. The patron saint of travelers is St. Francis of the sea sick.
  10. Iran is the Bible of Moslem’s
  11. A republican is a sinner mentioned in the Bible
  12. The natives of Macedonia did not believe, so Paul got stoned.
  13. The first commandment was when Eve told Adam to eat the apple.
  14. It is sometimes difficult to hear what is being said in church because the agnostics are so terrible.
  15. God told Joseph to take Mary, and Jesus, and flea, to Egypt.

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