A New Gallery and Updated Photos

It has been another hot week here down in the south but there are still many things to photograph. To gear up for the fall when sports seems to jump out everywhere, I have moved my photos from my flickr account to a new gallery called Auburn Images.

I will still continue to post personal images on flickr, but anything that I consider to be photography related will be located on the Auburn Images gallery.

Auburn Images

This new gallery gives me some great flexibility along with being able to sell and order prints from right there within the gallery. Along with moving to a new platform and back end system, I have gone with a new domain and a new name that will be more closely aligned with my current photography interests, mainly that of Auburn Alabama and the surrounding areas.

I will continue to post and discuss images and photography here, but the bulk of my photography work will be loaded into Auburn Images, located at http://www.AuburnImages.com. In addition to the new gallery, I am going to focus some blog posts on this blog, specifically aimed at photographers, equipment, and tips.

Hopefully I will learn something in the process as well and I hope you enjoy for new gallery format. Special thanks to gotroot for the use of his mug shot too.

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