Photo of Spiderweb in Fog Shows Delicate Beauty

Spider Web in Early Morning Dew

Fog in Alabama Summer

What a busy weekend it was this past week. Being a holiday weekend with the 4th of July on a Friday it was just a little chaotic but all tranquility of a Monday has returned. I think I would have to qualify a Monday or Tuesday in January or February as the most tranquil, but this one will do.

For those of us in the south, the summer bring little rest from the heat but a rare foggy morning is one of those reprieves for July. We have been in a horrible drought for the last few years and this summer has proven to be more of the same, except a few mornings where fog blankets the grass and trees.

Our tree swing has quickly become one of my favorite places to eat breakfast and today, it wasn’t cool, but it wasn’t hot either. I took the photo of the tree swing about 5:30am right out my bed room window, and by the time I grabbed a bowl of cereal most of the fog had burned off, but still left a quiet misty pasture to look at while I ate.

The spider webs I just love early in the morning. They are transformed into some pearly design only nature can create. Now as I write this post, it is full blasting sun at what feels like 95* or higher. Guess if we didn’t have the heat the cool foggy mornings would get boring, but I don’t think so.

7 thoughts on “Photo of Spiderweb in Fog Shows Delicate Beauty

  1. If I could only get up at 5:30 could I find some awesome shots like that! Great stuff, I don’t enjoy the summer heat either. Unless maybe on the lake!


  2. Well, I really can’t take the credit for getting up that early. I have a dog that will NOT sleep after the first light in the sky… he just barks until someone gets up.

    This time of year out here, right on the edge of the two time zones, that is some crazy 4:30-5:00am! I get a lot more sleep in the winter 🙂


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