People Make the Difference Not Plastic :: Photos

Sitting in the bob-cat while not in use

Health resting in the grass

This was a busy busy weekend, but I spent some of Friday and Saturday at the building or construction of the new playground at our church. I think our pastor described this as a Mac Daddy playground on Sunday morning, and he was not kidding. This is one heck of a playground put in, basically over the period of a two day weekend.

You can see the gallery of images from the ground breaking to the finish now except for a few missing odds and ends. The real work, done by all the people who volunteered on Friday and Saturday was incredible. After spending some time out there on Friday I realized that this wasn’t about plastic, bolts, and some dirt, but people.

Through God, it is people that made this possible, and people that will be able to enjoy what was done on this weekend for years to come. So, when I came back on Saturday I decided to focus a little more of my attention on the actual faces of the people that made this possible.

I picked two of my favorites from Saturday above. One of my bud Heath over at gotroot and the other one of those who will use the playground, sitting with dad while everyone is on a break. Towards the end of the completed gallery you will see a little more focused attention on the people that made this possible.

It was a very hot and steamy weekend where many people took time off from work and their families to lend a helping hand.

🟢 Cat:

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