Give Thanks to God for All His Gifts :: Quips

This is a continuation of the Quotes and Quips set of posts I am doing on Sunday’s (see last week’s entry called Quotes and Quips // a Real Life). Just something light for Sunday out of my mother-in-law’s notebook of quotes. She loved clipping out quotes from books and newspapers and she has collected some good ones over the years.  I hope to continue going through them over the months and posted the more interesting ones here, but I will also post some poems and lyrics that I find and take meaning in my life.  Similar to what Georgia did with her newspaper clippings but online.

Give Thanks

Give thanks to God for all His gifts
Every time you count them it will give you a life.

Give thanks for your mind and your health
In both of them there is great wealth.

Give thanks for all your friends
Their kindness never ends.

Give thanks for your good eyes
To see beauty and wonders that around you lies.

As the old hymn says, “Count your blessings one by one”
It will surprise you what God has done.

-Louise Russell

Louise Russell, at the time of this writing (date unknown) was a 91-year old resident of San Juan Care Center, Del Norte, Colorado, where she is a shining example to all as both person and poet. In keeping with the thought of this post, (and a long overdue acknowledgment of Worship Journey’s post called exactly), I changed my about me page on my personal journal blog to reflect five people that have influenced my life the most as of late.

So, thanks to these folks, who as of late have weaved their way into my life and made a difference to me. My wife, my dad, Brian Johnson, Jack Fisher, Josh Agerton, and Heath Spurlock. So that is actually six, sorry, and thanks, Louise.

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