Do You Have a Quiet and Peaceful Place to Hide?

How busy was this weekend for you? For me it was close to frantic pace, but a lot was accomplished. The busy pace of our lives got me to thinking about the question in the title or course, and I often ask this question of myself.

Not really to hide out so the world can’t find you but a place to relax, take your mind off of the craziness of the day recharge the batteries a little. I actually “try” to do this twice a day. I usually eat my breakfast outside, walking around in our garden away from the computer or cell phone… but… now I have a place to sit too.

Building a Tree Swing is One Place

On Saturday we put together a stand for a swing in the garden which was too small for our larger wooden swing we already had, so we put the one together the way it had come packaged and put it in the garden, and put the other one under this large Sweet Gum tree close to our house.

Swing under Sweet Gum Tree

From the photo above you can see there was a perfect lateral branch coming off the side of the Sweet Gum and just strong enough to hold our swing, while being completely under the tree’s canopy. Can’t wait to eat breakfast out here this week.

Friday Ice Cream and Board Games

On Friday I went over to our church to get some photos of the first monthly meeting for Friday Ice Cream and Board Games. Actually it is going to be a different activity each month but this one was pretty neat. Hard to beat 10 gallons of ice cream and 25 board games for a few hours.

Board Games

Cornerstone Church at Night

When I left Friday night it was dark enough to get an image of the entry way of the church at night. I have been waiting to do this and finally got an image I like. The images here is one of many of course, and you can see the entire Friday gallery on the flickr page for Cornerstone.

Saturday Playground Construction Continued

On Saturday we did a mix of things from here at the house, to the church, to running around Auburn. We tilled up the majority of our fenced in back yard to prepare for a fall vegetable garden. We did this until it was too hot to stand it any more and then went into Auburn.

Land Clearing for Playground

The clearing and tree removal continued in full swing at the church on Saturday and I ran over there to get some additional future playground images. It is not all that easy (to me) to get something photographically pleasing in a construction site with dust and bulldozers flying around, but it does keep me focused on the basics of photography and keeps me from being photographically lazy. See construction gallery here.

After the construction it was back to the house for some more tilling and swing building. It was a busy weekend (so far), but an enjoyable one.

6 thoughts on “Do You Have a Quiet and Peaceful Place to Hide?

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