Home from Mission Field in Buloba Uganda Africa

Josh Agerton and Jack Fisher as Team Arrives

Tree Clearing for Playground
This was probably one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long time, but Thursday was a little more relaxed and I was part of the welcome home crew at our church (the part that shoved a camera in everyone’s face after they had been on a plane/bus for more than 28 hours). A mission team from our church went to Uganda for 10 days and arrived back on U.S. soil on Thursday. There was a group of us waiting for them at the church when they arrived and I did take a few photos without really trying to annoy anyone who really just wanted to see a bed.

Two of the staff from the church went and both have blogs about their trip. Josh Agerton (Connections Pastor) wrote several great articles while he was over there like TIA – THIS IS AFRICA and TIA – People Need to See Jesus and Andi Longest who wrote a day by day (see starting with We are Here).

On Thrusday I had the easy job. After all the work is done, show up and take some photos of them arriving. Pictured above is Josh and Jack Fisher (who also has a great blog) as the team arrives. You can see the photos that have been loaded to date here.

Construction for the Playground Begins

After the team arrived and left the start of the construction for the kids playground at church began with a little tree clearing. This was something that the church has been planning for a long time so I was out here to take some initial images of the first part.

You can see the rest of the images up to this point in the playground construction gallery. This is a God sized project and will be great when it is finished. We are going to do a little ground moving ourselves this weekend and try to prepare for a fall vegetable garden. First on the list is to till up all the ground where the garden will be. It just started raining (hasn’t rained in like two years here) so this should be fun.

3 responses to “Home from Mission Field in Buloba Uganda Africa”

  1. Welcome home Cornerstone Mission Team!!
    Nautical Knitters last blog post..Garn It


  2. Welcome home Cornerstone Mission Team!!

    Nautical Knitters last blog post..Garn It


  3. […] church here in Auburn to a small church in Buloba, Uganda.  The last trip, made in June ( see Welcome Home from the Mission Field in Buloba Uganda Africa) of this year, was a working team trip, and one that delivered some incredible news about funds […]


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