Creative Chaos 15 // Oh How He Loves Us Cardboard Testimony Video

This is my post for Creative Chaos // 15 (see also guidelines) over at Ragamuffin Soul for this week. This is a video that has circulated around the blogs but I had not posted about it yet and I wanted to use it for Creative Chaos this week.

Oh How He Loves Us // Cardboard Testimony

This video was first brought to my attention from over at Worship Journey (see his post called same song). It is the song titled How He Loves Us (another GREAT rendition of this song (see video here) was done by Kim Walker with Jesus Culture Music on the album We Cry Out). A very powerful song all by itself, but this church used the song with other members displaying cardboard signs that read out in a few words, their testimony. Each person’s individual testimony in a few words, followed by how they were changed on the other side.

If you haven’t seen the video yet just hit the play button and see for yourself. I know I saw my testimony on more than one of the cardboard signs. Today it is my Creative Chaos post. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

3 thoughts on “Creative Chaos 15 // Oh How He Loves Us Cardboard Testimony Video

  1. I will never get tired of hearing and reading people’s testimonies. I love knowing all of the many ways that God is sharing His grace and mercy.

    Thanks for sharing this powerful video.


  2. We saw and enjoyed so much that our church sponsored this powerful testimony, it brought so much spiritual strength to our congregation.
    Thank you so much


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