My Love of Baseball and Music Come Together :: Throwback Thursday

This is my latest installment for Throwback Thrusday from Vagabondrunn (see Throwback Thursday (7)). Yes, I finally was able to get some images of me. This one of course is me showing off my two passions at the time, baseball and music. Actually, not much has changed, except now I am the one taking the photos. I still love baseball and music (although I no longer play the clarinet). This photo was taken in March 1981 by my mother of course. So there you have it, me at age 11. Have you posted your throwback Thursday photo? Leave a comment below and let me know where to find it.

Scott in 1981 Ready for Baseball

5 thoughts on “My Love of Baseball and Music Come Together :: Throwback Thursday

  1. Well, I will have to remember in September what a good job you did remembering 15 years, when I celebrate 13 years with my better half. I turned 12 sometime in 1981. So I was definitely here. But as to that earlier comment, about not being born yet, well, I’m like Scott. I don’t “feel” old. But my gray facial hair is telling. So, when is old, “old”? I guess in light of eterninty, we’re all just youngsters. Should I shave my beard, Scott?


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