A Busy Weekend Cleaning and the New iPhone?

Cleaning on First Saturday

Control Booth on Sunday Morning

Not having done my daily journal post in a while I thought I would sum up the weekend here real quick. It was a very busy weekend starting with a shoot on Saturday and then another most of the day on Sunday.

First Saturday Photo Shoot

Saturday I was shooting a clean up and maintenance session called First Saturday. I wasn’t quite sure going in if I would get anything worth keeping photographically, but it didn’t turn out to bad. Sometimes when you are trying to shoot somewhat ordinary tasks it makes you really look for ways, or new ways, to be creative.

I went ahead and completed the edit of the shoot when I got home, knowing there would be another shoot on Sunday, glad I did too. You can see the complete gallery edit of First Saturday here, if you are so inclined. There were still the normal things like grass to mow and all that so Deb and I tried to squeeze everything in we could that day.

Sunday Photo Shoot and Service

Sunday was a packed day, starting around 5am and ending at close to midnight. It would be the first time to go in and shoot during the service and try to be as invisible as possible while shooting communion. It was a busy day (see Sunday over at Worship Journey for details). Of course, the booth is a busy place to be on a Sunday morning.

I was hoping to get the edit done for that shoot on Sunday as well but just couldn’t get to it, and I was exhausted, so I will just do it today or tomorrow. As soon as I get the completed galleries loaded I will post links to them here as well.

This Week, Photos, and a little WWDC / iPhone

So, this week is just about as busy as last week. We start off on the Internet with the WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) where Steve Jobs is set to announce the latest version of the iPhone. Supposedly in new colors, and deemed to be the 3G version for its capability of utilizing the AT&T broadband 3G network.

If so, it is about time. The edge network is slow, and anyone familiar with cell phone usage in Europe or Japan would be appalled by the lack of cell phone broadband available. It is interesting to see how things develop. If you are familiar with Twitter, they are now showing a link using Summize: Apple fan? Our pals at Summize are tracking the WWDC shown on their main page. It automatically feeds on any terms on Twitter using Steve Jobs, Apple, iPhone, or WWDC, pretty interesting, but traffic is huge, will probably take down Twitter before long.

I would like to have some time to try to figure out how to really utilize Summize, especially with its advanced search features. Guess I will leave that for another day, but its potential looks great. The search strings are endless if you are interested in a very specific topic. As far as the new iPhone goes, ff course I already have the first generation iPhone so I hope they just add the 3G service for existing customers as well, don’t think I will be running out for iPhone 2.0 any time soon unless they need some free beta testers.

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